The lower case in his name shows disrespect.

You are a scum bag. You are not a patriot you are a money grubbing lying piece of excrement. You are a traitor and don’t deserve anything except a jail sentence.

Shut up and go back in your rat hole and leave the thinking people to clean up your mess.

Fuck you dickhead cheney.

We have a mixed race president. If something is 50/50 we call it something else like MIXED. We don’t mix black and white paint and call it white paint. We don’t mix peas and carrots and call them peas. So why is our president called African American or black. Cause the USA is racist. We need to start calling him a mixed race president. Or better yet let’s call him WHITE!

Tell me what makes you a pig.

Carl Pig (Icant or however you spell it) should be in jail for extortion. Arrest him right now throw him in jail and loose the key.

I’ll say what most people won’t say. At some point there is enough. And I’m talking about income. At some point you have enough. And at a $1,000,000 dollars a year you have enough. Yes that’s enough!!!!! You can send your kids to school pay your bills have a nice house etc etc etc. it’s enough. When u have more you end up using it to hurt others. So let’s tax at 90% all income over 1,000,000. You can’t argue that it’s not enough.

He’s trying to say that buying a pickup truck is more environmentally sound than buying a more efficient vehicle cause there are more pickup trucks sold and the percentage savings in increasing mileage is more than in the fuel efficient cars.

Only problem asshole. You shouldn’t be driving a pickup truck when a car would suffice.

Who paid you to be an asshole. ????

So I guess then if a murderer who kills 20 people a year cuts back and only kills 18 a 10% decrease is better for society than someone who doesn’t kill anyone.

We shouldn’t be wasting the energy or resources driving a pickup truck when a car would suffice.

Carl Icahn should be in jail. He is a thief. He brings nothing and takes much. He is a perfect example of a taker not a maker. Him and every banker and executive on Wall Street should be in jail. They are the problem in the USA. They sent our jobs and factories to China. They made our world less secure. They started the fake wars we are in. And if you are a bible thumper then you should condemn them like you condemn someone who was created gay by god.


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