You should shut up. And I hope they prosecute you and your buddies to the fullest extent.


You need to resign cause you are a provocateur! Do it now!!!!

So to all the Christians who say the country was established as a “Christian” nation. If that’s the case then why did we need a constitution. You always default to the bible over the constitution so why didn’t they just use the bible. I’ll tell you why cause they didn’t want you Christians lording over the country like you think you have a privelage to do.

Carl I cash ( spelling intentional shows disrespect) is a greedy slob. Do not take his calls refuse his correspondence and tell him to shove his lunch requests up his ass. He will ruin apple. Tell him to kiss your ass.

The lower case in his name shows disrespect.

You are a scum bag. You are not a patriot you are a money grubbing lying piece of excrement. You are a traitor and don’t deserve anything except a jail sentence.

Shut up and go back in your rat hole and leave the thinking people to clean up your mess.

Fuck you dickhead cheney.

We have a mixed race president. If something is 50/50 we call it something else like MIXED. We don’t mix black and white paint and call it white paint. We don’t mix peas and carrots and call them peas. So why is our president called African American or black. Cause the USA is racist. We need to start calling him a mixed race president. Or better yet let’s call him WHITE!

Tell me what makes you a pig.