Everyone acts as if china is some economic miracle. IT ISN’T.

China was sitting on its hands when the US Manufacturers decided that being patriotic and paying Americans was just TOO burdensome for them. So they hand our jobs, technology, and money to the Chinese. Sure they are going to take it why not.

But heres the catch they are becoming rich they are using my money to build their own factories with our technology to sell to us at cheaper prices to put us out of business.

They will then use their riches to bully us around.

Then if a real war gets started (not a fake illegal bush war/occupation) how will we make our computers phones Televisions clothes tools drills saws vacuum sealers etc etc etc. cause all that stuff is made in china.

China will be able to walk in and take over while the republicans filibuster the legislation to take the tax incentive for moving a company to china away from big business.

We are screwed has no one else thought about this!!!!?????